Plone for Newbies

The Big Picture 

Master Plone by knowing where to look

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Free Webinar

Plone for Newbies - The Big Picture

Master Plone by knowing where to look

August 30, 2017 1PM EDT | 10AM PDT

As you begin your journey of Plone development, understanding how the pieces of Plone fit together will lay a strong foundation for success.

The Big Picture is a whirlwind tour of Plone targeted at new developers. In 90 minutes you'll be exposed to important working parts of Plone. You will have a good understanding of the "model" and know where to look when implementing or troubleshooting.

The Team

David Bain (Presenter)

Owner at Alteroo. Builds things with Plone
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David Bain is a technical trainer, "techpreneur" and customer experience consultant. He has over 15 years of experience managing and customising Plone sites. He helps his clients build customer experiences that support their products and services.

A graduate of the University of the West Indies, he also holds technical certifications in web development and system administration. If you're interested in web  and cloud technology you'll definitely want to be part of one of his future sessions and workshops.

Valdeck Rowe (Host)

Customer Advocate at Alteroo
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Valdeck Rowe is a graduate of the University of the West Indies (Mona) with a BSc in Information Technology. He has eight years of web site and application development experience, including developing a custom content management platform from scratch.  Additionally he has over thirteen years of experience.

Valdeck is enthusiastic about marketing technologies and getting the customer experience right.

What we'll cover

A useful map of where everything is in Plone

Understanding the model

Learn how Plone is put together an how. Get a good understanding of the moving parts involved in a Plone site.

The TTW Philosophy

Plone provides many through-the-web (TTW) facilities that simplify, otherwise, complex activities

User Experience and the Key systems

We'll look at how the various systems work together to deliver the Plone user experience. Learn about Diazo, Dexterity, GenericSetup, Patternslib and more.

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